Ways to Determine Simulated Diamonds

//Ways to Determine Simulated Diamonds

Ways to Determine Simulated Diamonds

Many people desire to purchase diamonds and in the modern world you won’t miss sellers who replicate diamonds and sell them at very high prices as a genuine piece. If you have purchased an imitated diamond it is most likely that you purchased a Cubic Zirconia, which is developed in a laboratory. Fake vendors exploit the diamond industry by selling the CZ as the actual diamond. A trusted diamond vendor knows very well how crucial it is for his clients to take time in selecting the right gem. Here are ways to check whether your diamond is real or a fake.

  1. Do a Fog Test

The fog test is an easy procedure that can be done on a diamond that has been mounted or even one that isn’t. The same way you would fog a mirror or a piece of glass is how you would on a piece of diamond. Place the diamond at least a centimeter from your mouth and fog it. If the fog remains on the gem for more than a second, then the diamond is most probably a fake since a genuine diamond repels heat very fast and will be difficult to fog easily as glass. You can also choose to attempt doing this with a real diamond and a simulated one for comparisons.

  1. Do a UV Light Test

UV light test as many would think is not a very consistent test. More accurate answers about the test can come from professionals such as brilliant earth. Most diamonds would actually aluminate blue when under a UV light. It is recommendable that you perform the test at a jeweler but you can still do it at home if you are in possession of a perfect UV light with you. Most jewelry shops have the UV light where they can check you diamonds luminosity.

  1. Perform a Water Test

Take your diamond and place it inside a glass that is full of water. Genuine diamonds are normally very heavy and simulated diamonds mostly are hollow. If you purchased a diamond that you suspect its fake place it in the glass and it will float. Genuine diamonds when placed in the glass of water will sink down to base of that glass.

  1. Pay a Visit to A Trustworthy Dealer

When you visit a vendor that you have already built trust it will assist in checking your gem. There are many vendors who would evaluate your gem for free and some professionals will easily note if the diamond is a genuine one or a fake.